The tractor is a valuable piece of agricultural machinery that has accelerated farming production. Tractors have a significant impact on our lives than we may realize. As we all know, there are different types of tractors with varying applications. It helps to know the different tractor names and how they’re classified.

Tractor Names

One fun fact about tractors is how many types there are today. This article outlines the different types of tractor names and their various classifications. By the end of the post, you should have a general idea of different types of tractors.

Types of Tractors

Tractors are classified into three major divisions based on:

Tractor Names
  • The purpose for which they’re used.
  • The type of drive.
  • The type of construction.

Based on construction type, tractors can be further divided into 2 types. The first type is one in which the driver can easily sit and drive the tractor safely. The second type is referred to as a Walking Type Tractor where the operator walks alongside the machine.

When it comes to the type of drive, that depends on the type of drivers i.e.

  • Track Type
  • Wheel Type

The Track type has either full track types and half track types of tractors. Wheel type tractors are divided into either Two Wheeled or 2-Wheeler; Three Wheeled or 3-Wheeler and Four-Wheeler types of tractors.

Track Type Tractors

This type of tractor has one track fitted on either side instead of wheels. This track gets drive from the sprocket which is run by the rear axle shaft. There is no steering gear fitted in the machine so it’s steered by applying the brakes to one side of the track while the other is in motion.

Half Track Type

In these types of tractors, tires are fitted at the front axle while a track chain is fitted at the tractor’s rear end. These types of tractors are mostly used for reclaiming barren lands and rarely for agricultural tasks. They’re fitted with tracks ensuring the contact area with the ground is larger to facilitate increased traction. They’re very useful where earthmoving tasks are required and in dams.

Wheel Type Tractors

These types of tractors are primarily used for Agricultural tasks. These tractor tire types are designed to absorb a certain amount of field shock and they have fast running speed. They’re mainly used for general gardening, hilly regions and small farms.

Three Wheel or Tricycle Type

Three wheelers were very popular about two decades ago but they’ve since been replaced by Four wheelers. They were considered ideal for moving around shorter runs and had either single or dual wheels fitted at the front end. They’re further divided into the categories listed below:

Tractor Names
  • Earthmoving Tractors
  • Implement Carrier
  • Rotary Tillers
  • Garden Tractor
  • Industrial Tractor
  • Orchard Type
  • Row Crop Tractor
  • Utility Tractor

In Conclusion

The general categories of tractors paint a clear picture of how they work and what they’re used for. The different tractor names also makes it easier to understand different tractor types in general. As technology advances, farming is becoming more mechanized and so are tractors. This also means there are various tractor transmissions to choose from as well. Today, there is a farm tractor for every need, from tilling land to feeding animals.