When traveling on country roads, during the night or day, you’ll want to be careful about the machinery used on the farm. It’s important to know how to drive a tractor on the road to let people drive their farm vehicles better by following the tips provided in the publication. This will help ensure your operating the tractor as safely as possible.

How to Drive a Tractor on the Road

Avoid Towing Implements More than Permitted Limit:

You can tow only two implements as a rule in general. So if you are pulling a pickup with a flipping back or three tanks of anhydrous ammonia on a curve, you can be accused of towing more than enough implements which can probably be an avoidable risky situation.

You Must Have Sign for Moving Slowly:

How to Drive a Tractor on the Road

Even if you have many lights on the training implements or the tractor, according to the law, you must have a sign of slow moving vehicle mounted in the center of the load and 3-5 feet above the pavement or close as much as possible. You cannot use a red flag instead of a slow moving vehicle sign. Also, your sign has to be legible.

The License to Drive a Tractor on the Road is not Required for a Child:

If you have trained your child to drive a tractor on the road safely, the ways to judge the speed of the approaching vehicle and making signals then he/she may not need a license. According to the law, there is no minimum age limit to require a license to drive a tractor on the road.

Rule of the Three-car Law:

You should pull over your slow-moving vehicle in a nearby safe place to allow the three or more vehicles to pass which are backed up behind your vehicle. If you allow the motorists to pass when it is safe then it shows your concern about good public relations.

Rules about Flashlights and Reflectors:

Flashlights and reflectors must be mounted in the equipment manufactured after 1st July 2006.  Reflective tapes are recommended but are not mandatory. It is not necessary that the things in best safety practices and the safety things required by law are always the same.


According to the law of the state, tractors or pickup should have sufficient amount of flashlights wherever required. But any flashlight on the back of the implement you are towing is not required. However, you should ensure the visibility of the flashlights. You can put flashlights on the implement if it is obstructing their visibility. These tips can help you to know how to drive a tractor on the road safely regardless of the age of the driver.