Can I buy all-terrain tires for off-road driving? Do mud terrain tires wear faster? Buying the right tires is important to ensure the best performance of your vehicle. If you are buying tires for the first time, then you might be a bit confused between all-terrain tires and mud-terrain tires. Both these tires are good on specific road conditions. You will have to first know the road condition, and then you can decide on tires.

Do Mud Terrain Tires Wear Faster

If you like off-road adventure, you can go with mud-terrain tires. But when your preference is on-road, you should consider all-terrain. Here are more details.

When Should You Use All-Terrain Tires?

As the name itself suggests, all-terrain tires are good for almost all types of roads. We all have this perception. We think that we can use all-terrain tires on all road conditions, even the adverse ones. Have you ever considered off-roading? Yes, if you spend most of your time off-road, you should not buy all-terrain tires. Both the performance and durability will be compromised. But you can occasionally use all-terrain tires off-road. Keep in mind that the tire lifespan can be affected if you use the tires incorrectly.

What is the Best Option for Off-road?

Do Mud Terrain Tires Wear Faster
Do Mud Terrain Tires Wear Faster

For your off-road adventure, you should not look beyond the mud-terrain tires. We talked with 5 Ford owners who travel over 5000 miles a year off road on their f150 wheels and tires. In the last 10 years, they have never had any issue with mud-terrain tires. These are designed for off-road conditions. Therefore, you can expect the best outcome. If you use the mud-terrain tires for off-road only, you can expect a good performance. The result will be lasting. You will also enjoy your driving. That might not happen if you use all-terrain tires for off-road. Similarly, if you use mud-terrain tires for on-road, then it will wear fast and you can expect many other negative outcomes. You can consider rent a tire payments to understand the condition. Some services might offer rent a wheel return policy to make it even easier for you. Try to find out a reliable rent a wheel payments to have more selection to choose from.

What are the Downsides of Mud-terrain Tires?

You will not experience any downside if you use these tires off-road. A test on Jeep Wrangler tires showed that there wasn’t any downside when going off-road. These tires are designed keeping the off-road requirements in mind. But when you use it on-road, you will have a completely different experience. You cannot expect the desired durability and performance. Also, you will experience the following problems.

Noisier Ride

Mud-terrain tires sound are not smooth or quiet on the road like all-terrain tires. The noise level of these tires is not evaluated. So, you might find the noise disturbing especially while driving on-road.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Mud-terrain tires need more energy to navigate the mud terrain and get rolling. As a California driver, or whichever state you’re in, you will be a drop in the fuel economy. As supported by studies, you might experience a ~3% drop when it comes to the fuel economy compared to all-terrain tires.

Less Mileage Warranty

Mud-terrain tires’ mileage warranty is less than all-terrain tires. You’re going to have to keep this in mind so you can know when to replace your tires next.


Do mud terrain tires wear faster? Yes, mud-terrain tires will wear faster if you use them on-road. You will not have this problem while driving your vehicle off-road. Follow a simple principle. Buy mud-terrain for off-road and all-terrain for on-road. You will have optimal durability as well as performance.