You don’t need to go to the mechanic’s with every single car problem. Because as helpful as they are, a trip to the mechanic’s can be a bit pricey. Some minor issues, like changing the passenger side mirrors are surprisingly easy to fix by yourself. As long as you have the correct tools, it’ll be fairly straight forward when it comes to learning how to install a passenger side mirror. Just follow these steps:

How to Install a Passenger Side Mirror

Tools You Need To Install a Passenger Side Mirror

  • 4-in-1 Screwdriver
  • Trim Pad Remover
  • Panel Remover Lever
  • Hooked Pick

Step 1. Get A Replacement

Don’t worry about painting the mirror to match your car. Once you’ve ordered the mirror, you can get the color code of the paint the car manufacturer used for your vehicle and order the same paint for the mirror.

Step 2. Take Off The Door Panels & CoverHow to Install a Passenger Side Mirror

This sounds more complicated than it actually is. If your vehicle has an electrical panel behind the mirror, you’ll need take off the door trim panel first. The most important part of this step is ensuring you have the right tools (available at any auto parts shop).

If your car is manual, just take off the trim panel, without using any tool, and loosen the remaining screws. The trim panel is designed to be taken off regularly, but it does come with a lot of hidden screws that may take a while to find. A rule of thumb is to look for hidden screws in obscure recesses and decorative vanity caps. Just feel around the door for the fasteners.

There are usually around 4 fasteners, shaped differently, once you find them, take them off carefully so they don’t get damaged. Leave the door lock connectors and the power cable in place. Lean the trim panel right against the door.

Step 3. Disconnect The Cable

From the mirror, follow the cable to the electrical connector and dissemble the connector. Take Off The fasteners holding the old mirror before pulling it out. Then replace with the new mirror and put back the screws. Reconnect the electrical cable, then go through the process in replacing the trim panel. You may need to use your fingers to replace those small fasteners by the trim panel.

Hint: if it’ll help you remember the assembling process, record the disassembling process you follow, so you can just do the reverse. It’s a great way to have a checklist. The last thing you want is a mirror that wobbles, or falls off even before you leave the garage.

So, Curious How to Install a Passenger Side Mirror?

Learning how to install a passenger side mirror is a handy skill that can save you a few bucks down the road. Here are three steps to help guide you to replacing your side mirror. If it’s too complicated though, don’t hesitate to ask for help.